Being A Bride That I Wanted To Be

Well, Bihari or not, babe or not, being a bride is an important day in every girl's life. It is the only day where you have the best of both the worlds. A day where you are on the threshold... of transitioning from a miss to a miss"us"... of going to the point of no return


“Memories” Unleashed: The Journey Unfolds

As the dreaded number "30" nudges me with all its might, I have realized "aging" has been much more than the few grays(well, a lot more than few!) and those fine lines that I have developed. As someone who finds solace in words, it was difficult not giving a vent to my thoughts for a LONG time. Often, my mind would throb with posts that needed to be written but that finally had to settle as unrequited urges in a remote corner of my brain. Well, unsuccessfully.

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