“Memories” Unleashed: The Journey Unfolds

As the dreaded number “30” nudges me with all its might, I have realized “aging” has been much more than the few grays(well, a lot more than few!) and those fine lines that I have developed. As someone who finds solace in words, it was difficult not giving a vent to my thoughts for a LONG time. Often, my mind would throb with posts that needed to be written but that finally had to settle as unrequited urges in a remote corner of my brain. Well, unsuccessfully.

So after an eon of planning (read: procrastination), I am finally here with “Memories” Unleashed!

As the name suggests, ‘Memories Unleashed’, is about giving a channel to those thoughts to come out as words. Often, in our pursuit for larger things in life, we miss out on the smaller (and at times, more meaningful) things that Life has to offer.

A morning at Outbound Adventure Camp in Rishikesh
“ Your memory is made of light!” -Pablo Neruda

Memories Unleashed is a means for me to write about the experiences, the emotions, and the encounters that come along our way. Those little moments of joy or those of despair, episodes that leave us bitter, sweet or sour. It will be about things that are, at times, quite commonplace yet hauntingly uplifting. Things that leave me unsettled or those that calm me more than a steaming cup of tea (not a coffee person, you see!) In other words, it is an account of me “Discovering Life… One Experience At A Time…” as I like to put it.

Also, as some of you may know, the meaning of Smriti is “याद” or “अनुस्मरण” that roughly translates to ‘memory’ or ‘remembrance.’ So, in a way, “Memories” Unleashed is also me unleashing by way of words! And what better way to make this start than on my birthday.

So, even though I couldn’t find the “perfect start” for the longest time, I chose to start “NOW.” What’s better than ‘now’, after all? Right? I look forward to seeing how things, that otherwise appear minuscule, can resonate with even strangers in a foreign land.

As I sign off, I hope I continue to write as often as I want and want you all to be with me in this. Feel free to share your thoughts on this (and on the subsequent posts to come) and also motivate me if I do not post as often as you would like to read 🙂

Until next time…


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